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Based in Singapore, where the weather is hot, and so are the girls, we gotta HandleTheHeat. Due to Asia's conservative culture, texting and dating tips from western countries are not that effective, and may actually scare them away or turn them off. After testing and trying out different types of text messages to send, we have found the ideal type of messages to send to Asian girls that is PROVEN to work. This messages will create interest, make you stand out amongst thousands of men, and make the girl excited to go on a date with you.

WE WERE ONCE IN YOUR SHOES. Are you sick and tired of not getting replies or being ghosted by them? Clueless what to say and do on a date? HandleTheHeat Academy aims to teach and guide you through a step-by-step approach on matching with that cute online girl on the dating app, to going on multiple dates with her.

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HandleTheText: You will learn how to create your own unique opener, what messages not to send, how to banter and text a girl, and finally ask her out on a date and meet her. We believe in ACTUAL RESULTS so there will be case study examples of how we transform the matches on dating apps into ACTUAL DATES.

HandleTheDate: You will learn how to prepare for a date to keep yourself calm, collected and confident. Learn where the best places are to take girls out, the conversation topics to say and to avoid, and what to do and not to do on a date, to get the girl of your dreams. Learn to be smooth so that the interactions during the date will flow naturally.


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The Team

Co-Founder / Master Coach

Verse .

Born and raised in Singapore, Verse is the Co-Founder/ Master Coach of HandleTheHeat, where he teaches and guides his students to succeed in their online dating life. Through years of texting and dating multiple women via online, one can say he has mastered the art of online dating. After seeing many of his peers struggle with online dating, he realised that many other men out there are facing similar issues. His desire to help them led to the birth of HandleTheHeat Academy. He advocates on having the right balance of emotional and logical conversations to avoid being labelled as "The Creep" or "The Boring Guy" that many men fall under. Verse's expertise include understanding women, optimising matches, sending the right messages that make you stand out, getting the girls out, and knowing what to say and do on a date. Email to for 1-1 coaching services.

Founder / Editor / Writer

Jared .

Jared is the Founder/ Editor/ Writer. Together with Coach Verse, HandleTheHeat Academy was born. After recovering from deliberating eczema, eating disorder, and ankylosing spondylitis, he began his online dating journey. Starting from rock bottom with no clue what to do, he was shy, anxious and faced many dating issues such as not knowing what to text, and what to converse or do during a date. By no means is he an expert or perfect, but he has improved a lot and came a long way. This shows you that dating is a skillset that can be trained, and you can learn and be better at it. He is now focused on health & wellness, and self-development. His website is